Appling Amazon fulfillment center prepares for holiday rush

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APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) — It may be the busiest time of the year at Amazon. At the new fulfillment center in Appling, employees are shipping hundreds of thousands of packages a day as the holiday rush kicks in.

“The busiest days make the day go by faster,” Edgar Osorio, a process assistant, said.

Edgar Osorio fills orders each day. He separates each item to ensure they are sent to the right address.

“It’s the most fun time of the year.”

From Osorio’s station, each item is packaged — either by hand or machine. The packages are then sent all over the Southeast.

“We focus in on quality,” Neil Gwynne, the general manage of Amazon’s Appling Fulfillment Center, said. “That allows us to get our customers’ packages to their doorstep in the condition they want on time.”

The new warehouse in Appling has helped speed up delivery times in the region. Customers living within eight hours of the facility can receive their packages the day after they are ordered.

“As we ramp up, we’ll do closer to half a million packages every single day,” Gwynne explained.

Speed and efficiency are helpful as Christmas approaches. Gwynne says Amazon has planned ahead to ensure it has enough stock to keep up with demand. An algorithm tells the fulfillment center which items it should have on hand at all times.

“We invest tons of time and energy in making sure that we don’t get impacted by any sort of supply shortages.”

While Amazon has planned accordingly, Gwynne encourages customers not to wait until the last minute to make their orders.

“The earlier you order, the more availability of products there’s going to be and more guarantee that you’re going to get that product. We ship out until December 24 for those holiday shipments. We spend a lot of time and energy to make sure that any item that comes through this building, that is considered a present for somebody, gets out and delivered on time for when they expect it.”

Thousands of employees have been hired since the facility opened in September. Amazon plans on hiring new employees through February.