Buy A Tree Change A Life

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HEPZIBAH,Ga. (WJBF)- Tis the season to give and that’s what Buy A Tree Change a Life, does all year round.

Wesley Weatherford is the Lead Pastor at Oasis Church in Hepzibah. He tells us the significane behind the program.

“Every dollar given to Buy A Tree Change A Life from the tree sales helps children globally and locally in someway or another,” says Mr. Weatherfod.

The proceeds raised during the project goes to an organization called People for Care and Learning- which focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty.

“what’s really cool in Cambodia is if you teach a child or a person English then you automatically move them up to the middle class,” says Mr. Weatherford.

Cayce Cheeks, the side director tells NewsChannel 6 the meaning behind the program draws more people to support the cause.

Partnering with local business here it just stirs a spirit of generosity not only in our church but in our community,” says Cheeks.

And the way to leave your mark on a child’s life is easy.

“Our tag is you pay to much for your tree, so we have a big board that we fill up with names and every single person that pays over the price of their tree is one of our generous friends,” says Cheeks.

Some families make coming out to oasis church tree sales a tradition.

“They have come year after year and every year they pay way to much for their Christmas tree and they get in what’s called our ‘Rock Box’, which is the highest donation of the day and they’ve done that for six years and last night it was no different. So we posted a picture of when they were dating and now they’re married with two kids. We got to share their story as part of our story,” says Cheeks.

The program also focuses on serving orphans with hopes to see every child reach their full potential.

“It’s really more than just a Christmas tree sale, it’s a Christmas tree sale on steroids and were not really selling trees… we’re giving hope. So every tree is providing light hop and transformation to some of those who really need it in some of the most challenging places in the world,” says Mr. Weatherford.

For more information visit Buy A Tree Change A Life