Social media posts alluding to violence on Burke County School campus raises concerns with parents

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WAYNESBORO, G.A. (WJBF) – A soft lockdown is in effect at Burke County High School after threatening social media posts circulating amongst students raised some concerns with parents.

Investigators say the student who’s responsible for these posts was taken into custody Thursday and has been charged with the disruption of a public school, and has since been released to their parents.

“It was terrifying, so I didn’t know if something happened to my grandson or what,” said Michael Shipp.

“All i know is somebody text me and told me things were going on so I came and got my kid,” said Eva Logan, a parent.

Deputies standing by outside of Burke County High school after several anonymous posts were made on the social media app Yik-Yak threatening a shooting at the school.

“I didn’t know about it, so I went to the bathroom and a boy told me that somebody was talking about shooting up the school this morning,” said Ethan Clay.

Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams says the posts started Wednesday. He says they started by mentioning a fight at the Sonic, which is near the school. Deputies later learned that the fight’s location was moved to the school. Thursday morning more posts were circulating from Instagram where a student was seen posing with what looked like guns and the caption of the photo alluded to a school shooting. Parents became aware of that post and called the police.

“It’s the parents they need to start checking and seeing what they kids is going online talking about they see stuff on tv and now it’s here in our county”

Sheriff Williams says so far these threats have not been deemed credible.

“We’ve had some parents that have concerns about the threats and that’s a natural reaction, we have some folks that just as we act in an abundance of caution, but we certainly don’t want parents to panic,” said Sheriff Williams.

The sheriff says the investigation into who made the threats is ongoing. But since some of them were done anonymously, it will be difficult to pursue.

“But we are working we are in communication with the company we are learning their compliance rules and what they might have that will help us identify the persons responsible.”