“You never think it's going to be you,” Columbia County porch pirates strike again

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COLUMBIA CO., GA. (WJBF)– Porch pirates are striking again in Columbia County.

 “You never think it’s going to be you looking your camera or your home and that actually happens,” Casey Butler-McNair said.

Casey Butler-McNair and her husband moved into their Columbia County home in August. They ordered a few things for their home before taking off to Maryland for Thanksgiving. That Thursday, they got a notification from their security camera app.

“When we looked at it, it was probably about 10:20-10:25 in the evening on Thanksgiving night. Two suspects just came up to all the packages right in front of our front door, and they took off with every single package that we had,” Butler-McNair said.

Butler-McNair says she’s grateful they installed the security cameras that caught the crime.

According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, thieves often aren’t deterred by the cameras, as the criminals sometimes see it and takes the packages anyway.

“I’m quite sure they saw the cameras, so they ended up pulling something against their faces,” Butler-McNair said.

But the sheriff’s office says the footage does help identify thieves.

The suspects stole over $100 worth of merchandise from the McNairs. They were able to be refunded for their purchases, but she says they felt a sense of violation.

“We were just really in awe. It was just something that, like I said, you just never imagine,” Butler-McNair said. “I thought that he [Butler-McNair’s husband] was telling me because it was something funny maybe that he had seen on YouTube or something like that, and then I’m saying, ‘This is my house. This is literally my front yard.’ I’m looking at the things that are right there at my door being taken.”

As of July, stealing three or more packages from any residence is a felony in the state of Georgia.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says if you can’t be home to receive your packages, consider having them delivered to the post office or a friend’s house, as well as installing security cameras.